Posted May 31, 2018
by Bjarne Grum-Jensen

We have partnered with Dandanell Bike Rental in Mallorca, to raise awareness of the opportunities in Wecylemore. Dandanell Bike Rental is run by Danish Gitte and Brian Dandanell, who has been in Mallorca since 2013.

In connection with the partnership, Brian Dandanell states: “We like the idea behind Wecyclemore. When riding with riders who have local knowledge, you will get more and better experiences than when you ride alone. Here in Majorca there are many amazing cycling challenges that you can not find without having local riders to guide you.”

We encourage Danish and foreign members to visit Dandanell and to create tours and share experiences in Wecyclemore.

At Dandanell Bike Rental with bike mechanic Llorenc
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